May 9th, 2006

Crying Man

The Lost Q gospel

I love this opening paragraph from a paper entitled ‘The Lost Gospel of Q—Fact or Fantasy?’:

Imagine flying to a non-existent island on an airplane that has not yet been invented. Even if this impossible trip were to take place during the thirteenth month of the year, it would not be as fantastic as the tale, recently christened as scientific certainty by some NT scholars, concerning the so-called lost gospel Q and the earliest Church.

The author goes on to back up her (his?) claim quite rigorously.

From memory (I don’t have the book with me to look it up), the Q document (along with the gospel of Thomas)was one of the ‘gospels’ cited as historical evidence that the New Testament as we have it is historically inaccurate.

Defence of my faith aside, I think the article is rather good simply for the colourful expression and use of language that it uses. I rarely get to read anything of that ilk while researching in engineering and computer science.